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The Chelsea Alumni Association is an organization that nurtures lifelong relationships among
current and future Chelsea Alumni and promotes support of the Chelsea Public Schools through Charitable Donations and Fundraising events.

Our goals:
     ·To promote and perpetuate a spirit of Alumni unity and camaraderie through communication and
      social,  professional or business contacts to support various charitable Alumni events and  activities.
     ·To provide advancement of education through the award of scholarships, without prejudice or      discrimination to graduates of Chelsea High School.
     ·Initiate, encourage and conduct charitable events or activities to benefit the Chelsea Public
      School System to lessen the public burden for support.
     ·To contribute funds for the erecting and maintenance of the Public School buildings thereby
      lessening governmental financial burden.
     ·To locate, acquire, and maintain school memorabilia

104th Annual Chelsea Alumni Banquet Saturday, May 26, 2018
Cafeteria & Student Activity Center

14th Annual Alumni Golf Tournament TBA
Heritage Hills Golf Course
Claremore, OK

Officers & Trustees

President: Melissa Westenhaver Anderson, 1973
Vice President: Debbie Robards Rowe, 1973
Secretary: Meredith Walker, 2001
Treasurer: David Anderson, 1967

Board Members
Calvin Hardage -1966 Sarah Most Smith - 2003
Charlie Welch -1977 Alaine Dye -1979
Debbie Boling Hoskins - 1975 Bob Anderson - 1973
Sharon Nelson Hardage - 1968 Rhonda Mizer Watkins - 1973
Patsy Carmack Anderson - 1967 Daryl Watkins - 1977
Meredith Walker - 2001 Bob Anderson - 1973
Melissa Westenhaver Anderson - 1973 Erika Baker - Dill - 2006
Debi Robards Rowe - 1973 Marisa Lutz - 2015
Bryan Hanes - 1971 David Anderson - 1967
Jennie Bible - 1977 Jerry DeLozier - 1960
Brenda Edwards - 1979 Jean Ratley - 1991
Cerik Martin - 2004