The support of Alumni members has made it possible to continue awarding scholarships at the annual Alumni Banquet.  Over $70,000 in scholarships have been awarded to graduating students of Chelsea High School in the past 15 years. Donations to the Scholarship Fund may be made at the annual Alumni Banquet or the Alumni Donation Form (click here). Contributions are tax deductible.

Note to High School Seniors: Only graduating seniors are eligible to apply for scholarships awarded by the Alumni Association. Application forms are available in Adobe PDF. Deadline for submission of scholarship applications is
April 20, 2017. All applications must be turned into the Chelsea High School office to Mrs. Wilson.

Alumni Scholarship Application Form - click here to download.

Congratulations to the 2018 Jennie May Bard Memorial Scholarship winners. Each received a $1000 scholarship!
Allison Draeger, Destany Folkner,Sadie Jordan & Ciera Haner

Past Scholarship Winners
Paige Anderson, Hailey Strickland, Catrina Mott, McKenzie Malone, Jacquelyn Bouchie, Tori Frailey
Brandy Mott, Kessy Renee, Haley Ratley, Logan White, Morgan MsSpadden
Emily Jackson, Nichole Fox, Logan Draeger, Kayla Malone, Tyler Provence
Cheyenne Walker, Nate Frailey, Bo McSpadden and Sam McKay
Beth Harman, Dustin Ponder, Kennedy Lockhart, Maddie Boyd
Cassandra Harmon, Cassie Frailey, Lyndi Mallory, Shawnie Marvin
Andrea Rice, David Beck, Kaitlyn McSpadden, Kristalynn Hefner
Amelia Shouse, Kayla Lockhart, Ashley Haley, Jillian Peterson
Katie Jo Caffey, Shane Davis, Katy James, Sierra McSpadden
Serena Berray, Ross Moyer, Erin Rigdon, Holly Griffith

Amanda Seabolt, Richard Ryan, David Peper, Fallon Kitchen, Jacqueline Moss

Zach Bunn, William Kelton, Jorel Martin, Lacey Pregler, Clohe Arnold
Tim Victory, Eric Morrison, Dayla Rowland, Candice Budgick, Ashlee Green
Cerik Martin, Candice Taylor, Jill Clark, Katie Peper, Sarah Allen
John Bunn, Eric Harris, Anthony Moss, Sarah Moyer, Jarrett Morrison
Andrew Bible, Jennifer Leslie, Rachel Ramon, Callie Wilkens

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