A few classes hold their own class reunion each year. Be sure to let us know if your class is planning to hold a reunion. Let us know about your class reunion so we can include information in our web site, newspaper articles, and the association newsletter.  Click here to submit a reunion announcement for your class.

Class Reunion Plans for 2019 - information coming soon!
The deadline for Reunion Information submissions is the 15th of each month.



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Let the rest of your class know about your reunion plans.
Whether you have all of your reunion plans in place already or are just getting started, you can use the form below to make an announcement to the rest of your graduating class. If you do not have a date or a location yet, just type in "Undecided" for that box. Any information provided will need to be verified prior to posting on the reunion page.
Fill out the form below to inform us of your reunion plans.

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